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Adonis theater philadelphia

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Adonis theater philadelphia

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Attorney Robert Berger literally was surrounded by members of the Center City Residents' Association's zoning committee. He spun around with each curt question thfater his way. Representing the Adonis Theater, a gay porn movie house at Sansom St. How many seats?

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We need some good and legitimate answers to the questions [Berger] couldn't come up with the other night.

There are residential, religious and cultural institutions nearby. No neon or movie posters in sight, it could be mistaken for an art-house theater if it weren't for its reputation. If they follow the law, then they have the right to do whatever they're doing.

And the fight to rid the strip of the Adonis comes at a time crucial to Sansom Street's rebirth, others said. No seats?

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How many seats? Enter the community.

A zoning technicality may give the residents the tool they've been looking for. The theater was advertising as a gay porn house inand Sackett lasted here at least long enough to complain about business being bad in a Inquirer story.

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Sherwood has never been a favorite among neighbors, who have tangled with him before over a massage parlor and an attempt at getting a liquor on the block last fall. Unlike its bawdier competition, the Adonis sits unadorned on Sansom Street, a window-painted the only indication it's there.

Tgeater theater's owner is Thomas Sherwood, who owns a of properties on the block, including the World Gym, adjacent to the Adonis. Representing the Adonis Theater, a gay porn movie house at Sansom St.

The 29 seats turned out to be plenty, as two weeks later Sackett announced that he had sold a total of 60 tickets and pjiladelphia switching to porn. To correct the situation, Sherwood needs to get a zoning variance for the Adonis. New Comment Contribute something to the conversation No personal attacks.

It's up to the neighbors to take a concerted pihladelphia. Attorney Robert Berger literally aronis surrounded by members of the Center City Residents' Association's zoning committee. The block of Sansom Street, he added, is about 50 percent residential, in addition to the adonis theater philadelphia retail. And a group of them have wanted it out of the Rittenhouse neighborhood for about as long as it's been open. He spun around with each curt question hurled his way.

Adonis theater

RickB on November 17, at pjiladelphia After he lost his lease on the Aarde Cinema across the street, Barney Sackett set up shop at Sansom in Januaryoperating as a revival house called the Sackett Screening Room. An Inquirer story said that the theater had 29 seats and no lobby. The two sides will basically be arguing adonis theater philadelphia the Adonis already has a permit, McLaughlin said.

You must before making a comment. It's never a lightweight complaint from them. The Adonis started advertising at this address in That's what the neighborhood is known for and we don't want any part of it turned into an adult philzdelphia strip.