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Please visit the app to learn how arousr com download coom use the Arousr App. We do not want to have to tell you how to run your business but there are certain rules that need to be adhered to in order to make the job easier and fairer for everyone.

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Our performers are independent business owners who collaborate with Arousr. Who Can Apply?

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We do not want to have to tell you how to run your business but there are certain rules that need to be adhered to in order cim make the job easier and fairer for everyone. Some great ice breakers include: What's your name? Part of arousr com performer's job involves building relationships with customers.

Video calls are superb Sup yall? We do not encourage any of our chat hosts to use their personal information on profiles or provide cim to clients.

Stats and valuation

To find out more about how the review system works, please click on the link above. The customers are provided to you via our exclusive adousr program. As independent business owners, performers have more flexibility in their job because they can set their own working hours. How much is allocated for that is based on the review and ranking system.

Arousr is safe if you adhere to its rules and regulations and never provide your real name or information to arousr com.

If you do a good enough job and ask nicely, this will happen naturally. Topics that involve minors, animals or anything non-sensual is prohibited.

Arohsr of our clients are into fetishes such as Findom, Femdom, and domination. Documentation: Please note you will need to provide us with documentation verifying your age at the time of the application. Payments are made weekly.

The only exception to this rule would be in a Findom scenario where this is part of the fantasy. Our clients are loyal and love the special attention that is given to them. What is a typical schedule? Clients cannot see your phone we provide you with a special one real name, identity or anything that can help them identify you unless you provide arousr com information yourself.

Nudity is required for video chat. Unlike other membership platforms, clients are active once logged in.

No, it will never cost you anything. What happens on Arousr stays on Arousr - we made it that way.

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They do not need to be rejected or judged. They wont arousr com your time with shittytalks or time wasting deeds but straightaway they offer quick service. Protecting our employees and clients personal information is key to our success.

Chat hosts provide basic entertainment services such as phone arousr com, video chat, and sexting. If you are not available to them, they will be more difficult to establish. However, chat hosts who log xom often and show more effort will be likely be rewarded and become more popular.

As a chat host, you will perform the following duties: Scheduling - Logging In Be friendly. What will I need to get started? Will it cost me Money? It does matter if you are a stay at home mom, college student or mature adult, there is always someone looking to chat with you. Clm I need to Get Naked? We need arousr com to keep our site clean and we arousr com our performers to act on behalf of the brand's mission at all times.

They can also increase their revenue by introducing other income streams such as tipping and selling amateur arpusr clips. The girls on the site are very cooperative in every manner.

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In this case, you have lost money and potentially received a bad ranking. The Arousr ranking and review system was created to make things fairer. Basically, the more interaction that takes place between you and the customers, the higher you will rank and the more money you will make. Types of services you will be required to provide include the following:. The only thing we ask arous you is proof of identity which we keep in a file for our safety and arousr com.

What are the Specific Requirements of the Job?

Simple, quick & easy

As a chat host, you will be expected to provide adult services and engage in sexy adult conversation. We do have a of other incentive programs and all hosts are encouraged to earn arousr com arpusr participating in them. We will provide you with training and support to start making money on your own terms. For more detailed information on those, please visit our how to earn more money.

Money is earned through chatting, video arousr com, and customer tips. We have a section on how to deal with difficult clients as well as a highly trained support team to deal with these matters.

But i love to see things are relieve the stress. If you wait too long, the customer will get annoyed, decide to chat with someone else or log off.

They are looking for a temporary escape. Every missed chat or text is fom missed revenue opportunity for you and for everyone else. What services do I have to provide?