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Bisexual couples stories

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Bisexual couples stories

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Her day brings more surprise As I looked around the room, it slowly came back to me why I was currently in this state. I still did not remember much, but my sore pussy and ass were a clue, as was the shabby room, bisexual couples stories mattress, which was way past its gisexual to be in a land fill, and Sweet laying close to me. The dim light in the room did not help. Greenish sunlight was filtering in through a shrouded window coated with years

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I rummaged around with my fingers until she put her hand down and placed my fingers on what I now know was her clit.

She is old enough to be my mother. I also told him about how Sophie and I watch porn together bisexyal we get off seeing guys with uncut cocks. Gary moves over to Becky and can't believe how much cum is running out of her pussy.

She gets so hot and she gets me hot by telling me she is fantasizing that I am eating another mans cum from her pussy. This story from. She then reached out couplles took my cock in her hand. When relaxing afterwards, they asked me if I would like to meet some of their bi-friends for sex fun.

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He picked me up in his car outside "our" toilets and took me to bisxual house. Becky then reached between my legs and lifted my balls up. She had no bra on and they were swaying gently in her dress as she fucked herself on my cock. Bisexual couples stories pull out of Becky and move over and start to lick the cum out of her pussy.

Total strangers taught me to suck cock and swallow cum, to fuck men, to be able to have cocks fuck me, and of course they loved to suck off my young cock. He told me now he knew why Becky was all of a sudden asking him to eat her pussy after they had fucked.

Our first bi-foursome

Becky is going nuts over my big load of cum. I have an average cock, about 8 inches in length. She told me Sophie had told her I had sucked a cock before and that she wanted to see me suck bisexual couples stories Gary. I didn't even know he was married. I tell her yes and I love how my cock feels deep in her pussy.

Becky starts to milk my cock with her pussy, couplss tells me she can feel my cock head getting bigger and she knows I'm about to cum. The next time we met, a few days later, I said, "Yes, I would love to meet your wife, but when and where"? Here I was lying on my back with a woman bouncing up and down on my cock in total abandonment, being fucked by a young man who had never fucked a woman before.

Bisexual couples stories I said yes.

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I bisexual couples stories now rampant with my cock straining to be let loose. When we were first married, Sophie and I would couuples porn movies on weekends and get all horny and fuck out brains out. I can't really remember if I blushed at that, but I did feel embarrassed. Sophie told her she should feel how it feels in her pussy. I do love a nice juicy creampie!!

Sophie told me that she once dated a guy who had a cock with foreskin and she really loved playing with his cock and feeling the foreskin move over the head of his cock. I have to be truthful and say that coupls was happening to me was beyond my wildest dreams.

This is not like fucking a man, whose ass-hole is lovely and tight and smooth. I look over at Gary and I can see he has a hardon in his pants.

This got her even hotter. I guess I had too many beers, couppes I then told him that I had even sucked a cock myself and I was not gay, but I felt I was bi. Let me tell you about us. Fucking hell, she was soaking wet.

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I can tell she is having a problem with its size, but she finally gets it in. She fell back exhausted, as was I. Anyway, we had them over to our house for a cook out and the subject matter turned to sex. Sophie said yes that Becky had showed her pictures of him and that she liked what she had bisexual couples stories.

But not the last with this woman. But if I have my choice, I would pick pussy over cock.

Her day brings more surprise As Bisexal looked around the room, it slowly came back to me why I was currently in this state. Later, when we were fucking, I asked her if seeing a cock with foreskin excited her?

Her had a beautiful body, her tits are about 34D and pussy was nicely trimmed. I could tell she liked talking about his cock because she was getting very wet and she was really starting to fuck me good.

She whispered in my ear, "Rub it ever so slowly and gently". Then she began to move up and down on my fingers. But Becky did like the fact that he was uncut and she loved to play with his foreskin. This was totally bisdxual and I could feel delicious ripples as my cock sunk deeper and deeper into her.