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Catching my sister naked

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Catching my sister naked

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This is a print version of story Caught by sister and friends by batoutofhell from xHamster. This happened during one of those times.

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She lifted her juicy ass, getting on her knees as I stuffed her muff with cock meat. I started worrying, maybe she slipped and fell in the shower!

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My parents had gone to visit friends and would not be back until late and my sister was at a girlfriends house for a slumber party that was to last all weekend. She was quite embarrassed at first, being caught masturbating and all that but I could tell she was also very curious about experimenting with her very own stepbrother! She finally got out and got into her catching my sister naked, but I had a raging hard on from watching her pleasuring herself in there.

I told her to get on my swim trunks, she said no, I was to be their naked pool boy. It didn't take long and I had to warn her I was going to cum, she didn't slow down, just smiled as I started to cum all over the front of her.

It was really getting hard to keep from grabbing my cock and jerking off. The teasing went on all morning.

I agreed and was starting to go in when one of the girls asked where I was going. My sister was saying that it looked like no catchng was home so they could spend time at the pool tanning topless if they wanted to. Since she asked, I catchng with her, kneeling beside her, then I went to the first girlfriend, catching my sister naked I did her back, she asked if I'd do her legs too, they all giggled as I awkwardly did the lotion on her legs.

She tossed her bed covers aside, lying completely naked with her legs spread wide open. I nake flat on my back and I let her straddle herself on top, pushing my dick inside her so she could ride me. Afterwards, I placed her on her back, spreading her legs wide open and fucking her some more, this time in missionary position.

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Even my sister was getting into it, at one point, telling me I was a really good sport and she knew I went naked when no one was around, she saw me a couple of times and hid to watch, that made the girls all giggle. I started by massaging her slit with my fingers, she was gushing! I got up a litle late on Saturday and found myself cagching at home. This is a print version of story Caught by sister and friends by batoutofhell from xHamster.

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This happened during one of those times. Now all three of them were sitting there topless and one of her friends said I needed a tip for being so good about this and letting them watch me. My sister objected, she dind't really care to see her brother naked, but the catching my sister naked girls got her to agree. My sister agreed that I could stay, but if I didn't want her telling mom and dad and if I wanted her aister to be quiet about this, I was going to have to be their pool boy.

My cock started to drip precum and she saw it. What a day. They saw me at about the same time I saw them.

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That got all three of them laughing. My sisters friends started to giggle and stare as my sister got angry and asked what I was doing naked. She licked and sucked on her finger while I played with her, moaning softly and squirming when I jammed my thumb inside her cunt and began finger fucking her. At least once in a while my cock would get soft, but then they'd have me rub nwked with lotion or dry them after a swim.

Then I went to get something to eat too, and my sister mt me I wasn't done. She confessed that every time she masturbated in the shower and in her bedroom she fantasized with my big hard cock pounding her hard and making her my personal soster catching my sister naked

Caught by sister and friends

Without hesitation reached over to my cock and started to stroke it, there was a little gasp from the other two girls, but they stared at my cock. When I was done cumming, she told me to wipe her clean and I did.

I thought that this would be a good time to go out to the pool naked and get some sun. I fixed them some stuff to eat, sandwiches, fruit, drinks, etc.

After making her cum I thought she had enough, so imagine my surprise when she crawled into my bedroom an hour later and catching my sister naked my bed while I was taking a nap. The girls all laid on the lounges near the pool and then called me over to undo the tops on their bikinis. She catchlng into my ear that she wanted me to fuck her so I made her lie flat on her belly and slowly inserted sistter cock into her pink pussy burger, penetrating and fucking her from behind while on top of her.

Hey, maybe she needed a real cock to satisfy her!