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Chatroom ib

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Chatroom ib

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This first started with three MYP Zoom meetings, to discuss how our schools were adapting during the Covid Pandemic. Our first chats were general, but moving forward chwtroom would like to have more zoom meetings, for teachers of specific subjects, or for different topics, such as assessment or the Chatroom ib Project. If you want to host a Zoom or Google Meet, click the 'Volunteer' button to find out more. Report abuse.

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To access the participants list area, click on the "participants" link located in the upper right corner of the chat room. The permission button will only be displayed to members that have edit permissions rights.

Default permission rights and corresponding participation status for a chat room are listed below: 1. If you decline the invitation the pop-up message box will close and nothing further will be initiated.

Ib educators chat

Live Chat The live chat view ub the default view for the chat room where all current messages of the chatroom ib members are displayed. To delete a chat room, select the delete icon next to the chat room on the chat tool main or click the "Delete" button while viewing a chat. To enter a chat room, click on the "enter" link. Participants Window The participants list area provides a visual display of the of participants currently in the room and their level of status.

chatroom ib

By default, each room has at least one room manager chatroom ib any of participants or observers bi are all clearly indicated. The "List Participants" link when selected will switch the view back to participants list area. However, participants do not have the right to remove other participants from the chat or have the right to promote other participants to room manager.

On the add form, enter information in the required fields which are indicated with a red star. Room owners only have the chatroom ib to view the history tab of the chat room. Click the "Invite" link, to display a list of online users that can be invited to the chat room.

We've detected unusual activity from your computer network

Blocked users are clearly indicated; their user name is crossed out in red text. If you do not have permission to enter the chat room, the link will not be displayed. Modify Permissions After Posting option shown only while adding a chat room If permitted to modify chat permissions, chatroom ib additional check box will appear labeled "Modify permissions after posting".

Only members that have permission to add a chat room will have access to the add function. Room Manager Room managers of a temporary chat room share the same rights as room owners except the following: Room managers cannot remove other room managers or the room owner. This first started with three MYP Zoom meetings, to chatroom ib how our schools were adapting during the Covid Pandemic.

Schoolboys, aged , suspended over disturbing whatsapp chats about female classmates

The chatroo, was taken by the top-ranked IB school after the mothers of two girl students accessed the chats and brought them to the attention of school authorities. To edit a transcript, select the edit icon next to the name of the transcript or click the ob button while viewing chatroo, details of the transcript. Invite The "Invite" link located at the top right of the participants list area of chatroom ib active chat room provides the ability to invite additional members to the conversation.

It was at this time that the mothers got access to the boys' WhatsApp conversation from November 8 to November To delete a transcript, select the delete icon next to the name of the transcript or click the "Delete" button while viewing the details of the transcript. In order to figure out why their daughters were avoiding school, the mothers started talking to other classmates who chatroom ib that a group of eight boy students were responsible for the situation.

In their chats which are centred around two girl students, the boys talk chstroom 'banging' and 'gang-bang'.

March 30, Hi everyone, I'm extremely new to this - and tried to look chatroom ib a chaatroom already on this topic - but I'm not sure how to figure out how the chat tab works? Detail View of a Chat Room Transcripts To access the details of a permanent chat room transcript, click on the hyperlinked name of the transcript.

Select this check box when you would like to immediately set custom access rights to the chat room i. Link to Related Content If you wish to associate the chat room to other existing content in the community, select the checkbox labeled "Link to Related Content".

History View Only the room owner or manager of the chat room has access to the messages in the History view. The initial view chatroom ib the participants list area displays the current participants and their status level in the chat room.

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Expand message input area Above the chatroom ib input area located at the top of thea link is provided chattoom expand the input area. Invitation Message If you choose to accept the invitation you will automatically be entered in the chat room as a participant and can immediately contribute to the discussion. To remove a member from your favorites list, click on the filled-in star next to the user name.

Report abuse.

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The Bring to top option sets individual message windows to automatically gain focus when a new message is received. Description Enter a description to make finding the chat room through a keyword search possible. You can also edit member group permissions for permanent chat rooms in the community administration member management section under membership groups.

To chatroom ib a participant or room manager from the chat room click on the delete icon next to chatrpom user name. Live Chat view in a permanent chat room The live chat chatroom ib chatdoom provides additional features such as an option to expand the message input area and a couple of options for handling new messages.

For more help, see Linking Related Content. Room owners have the following rights: Room owners have the permission to invite or remove members from the chat room.

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Setting Permissions Each member group in the community can be ased different permission rights that will determine their status as a participant. The detail view of the chat chxtroom will provide a description of the chat room, list all related chatroom ib of the chat room and bi members to enter the chat room for immediate participation. If you want to host a Zoom or Google Meet, click the 'Volunteer' button to find out more.

Block Members can be can blocked or unblocked during an open chat session. The conversation is recorded from the beginning of the chat and each message is displayed with the user name, date and time, sorted in reverse chronological order.

Permanent chat rooms

Favorites Members can be added to or removed from your favorites member list during an open chat session. Observers Observers of a chat room have a view only status; they can view the all the messages of a current chat but cannot contribute to the conversation by chatroom ib text. To add a member to your favorites list, click the empty star next to the user name. By default, participants will not have access to the history tab unless they are given permission rights to view chat transcripts.

Enter Chat Room On the main of the chat tool next to each room an enter chat room icon and link will be displayed. When a member is invited to chat, a pop-up message box will appear to that member containing an invitation message from the room owner or manager with the option to either "Accept Invitation" or "Decline Invitation". Our first chats were general, but moving forward we would like to have more zoom meetings, for teachers of specific subjects, or for different topics, such as assessment or the Personal Project.

However, URLs entered as text will be hyperlinked. It'll say I have a notification, or two, but when I clock on it I have to enter it, chatroom ib then I'm apparently chatting with whoever it ends up being that time - its been random so far. The details of the transcript will open in the same window and list the messages in reverse chronological order.