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Delete fetlife profile

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Delete fetlife profile

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How to Use FetLife? After you have created your profile and provided all the vital information, the next thing that you need to is have a profile picture. How to a profile picture in FetLife? You can change your profile picture from public to friends only.

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On the upper right side of your profileclick on your nickname.

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You will see the edit option there, click on that to edit your writing. password. You will also come across the delete option there and you can use it for deleting your writing.

When you any particular picture on FetLife, the website removes the metadata from the picture automatically to keep you safe. Open a new web browser like Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer or torch you are familiar with. You can edit or delete your writing with simple steps. How to delete fetlife ?

Just follow the given step by step procedure to delete delete fetlife profile. After you confirm the process, your will be inactive and into the queue to be deleted in 7 days. It has been trying to distinguish itself from other social networking sites by maintaining its social networking image rather profole a dating site.

How to a profile picture in FetLife? How to edit a caption that has already been ed? No Comments on How to delete fetlife ? By default, all the pictures, videos and writings that you on FetLife is available for the public too. Go to the picture or video of which you want to edit delete fetlife profile caption and then navigate to the current caption.

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We hope you have clearly understood the step by profiel process to delete your proifle. How to Use FetLife? After you have created your profile and provided all the vital information, the next thing that you need to is have delete fetlife profile profile picture. Just want to deactivate it? It was initially launched in January However, if you want to desperately delete any particular comment, feel free to contact the owner and then you can request them to delete it.

This means that we reserve the right to use our own judgment and ban anyone from the subreddit or entire subreddit family if we view you as being detrimental to celete community, regardless of if you break any specifically stated rule. You can change your profile picture from public to friends only.

After that, on the right side of youryou can see Delete profile. Fetlife is a kind of social networking site. It is very easy to delete your fetlife.

However, you can simply give a look at the process because it will be helpful for you in ftelife future where you can use this method to delete your Fetlife if you want to delete it. What pictures formats are supported by FetLife? How to delete an ed picture or video?

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If you are registered user of Fetlife but you want to say good bye to your for whatever may be the delete fetlife profile, then this article is the best option for you to guide to delete your. Can you delete the comments that you have made? Is the metadata of your pictures safe? Then, there is an option for you to make a choice between delete or deactivate. How to keep your pictures, videos and writings private in FetLife?

New to kink or our family of subreddits? Just click on deactivate option instead and your will be deactivated.

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Editing aa caption is very easy. Click the link. You can use any of these which you feel easy to use.

Otherwise, leave it blank. We will try our best to resolve your issue as soon as possible. If you are using a personal device, then you can check the box Remember me.

Surveys must be vetted by the mods. If you have any issue or problem, then you can comment on the box given below. Navigate to the particular picture or video that you want to delete. Click on to Fetlife button to in your.

Note: As of November we are not allowing new academic surveys to be posted. Otherwise, your will be deleted.

FetLife supports the following picture format: jpg, jpeg, gif, png and pjpeg.