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Dosing pump wiki

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Dosing pump wiki

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Engineering[ edit ] The word dosing is very commonly used by engineers in thermal dosing pump wiki stationsin water treatment, in any industry where steam is being generated, and in building services for heating and cooling water treatment. Dosing procedures are wikki in vogue in textile and similar industries where chemical treatment is involved. Dosing pump wiki swimming pools also require chemical dosing in order to control pH balance, chlorine level, and other such water quality criteria. Modern swimming pool plant will have bulk storage of chemicals held in separate dosing tanks, and will have automated controls and dosing pumps to top up the various chemicals as required to control the water quality. Aiki a power station treatment chemicals are injected or fed to boiler and also to feed and make up water under pressurebut in small dosages or rate of injection. The feeding at all places is done by means of small siki dosing pumps specially deed for the duty demanded.

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However agricultural dosing is done by means of hand held pressure spray pumps. This can have a variety of bleed, pressure relief, air dosing pump wiki valves included into it but generally it is just a line. Occasionally in steam, hot water or super high pressure applications the line can be stainless steel. Another method to consider especially if the product has a limited shelf life if to have on the spot make up.

Dosing may also be used to dose chemicals into a stream to make products. Once everything is compatible, a good location for the dosing point should be selected. Once a dosing pump is primed, this means all the air is pushed out of the lines right up to the injector, dlsing is then set for its doding dose rate or set to work from its input al. The main thing to look at for this is the product MSDS.

In the dosing pump wiki of the chamber, there is packing around the piston or a doughnut-shaped seal with a toroid-shaped sphincter-like spring pum compressing the seal around the piston. Pumps used in high-pressure chromatography[ edit ] Pumps used dosing pump wiki high-pressure chromatography such as HPLC and ion chromatography are much like small piston metering pumps. The motor repeatedly moves the piston into and out of the piston chamber, causing the volume of the chamber to repeatedly become smaller and larger.

Diaphragm type pulse injection.

The 6 best dosing pumps

How do you set up dosing pumps? A suction spear and foot valve for a dosing dosin. Can be simple flow switch or timer, up to a SCADA central control system for various sensors and ability to integrate into a larger system. How Does a Dosing Pump Work? Dosing is done in wet processes with dosing pumps but even more importantly dosing pump wiki dry processes, just prior to ppump packaging of the product.

A dosing pump will deliver this precise flow rate of chemical or other product by a of different methods but it generally involves drawing a measured amount into a chamber and then injecting this volume of chemical into the pipe or tank being dosed. If control systems need to be specialised to ensure that under wiik overdosing is dosing pump wiki if this is critical for performance.

What is a dosing pump and how does it work?

Once operating, then the pump works at its required flow rate until a stop al pauses the action or similar. This coil sucks in and injects the chemical in pulses with the time gap between pulses providing the control of flow rate. A dosing pump, which is a positive displacement pump, is deed to inject a chemical or another substance dosing pump wiki a flow of water, gas or steam.

A dosing pump draws a measured amount of liquid into its chamber and injects the chemical into a tank or pipe that contains the fluid that is being dosed.

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Piston-driven pupm pumps commonly work as follows: There is a piston sometimes called plungertypically cylindrical, which can go in and out of a correspondingly shaped chamber in the pump head. What is a Dosing Pump? Even though a dosing pump can handle very corrosive products etc. As ;ump rather dangerous dosing pump wiki are used in the dosing process another large factor is safety for operators, end users and surrounding environment. This tube is bent in a semi-circle and a small roller on a mechanical arm moves over the outside of the tube.

There are large capital outlays for the equipment for this method but for high throughput situations and if the cost savings are there then it can be justified. This makes this type of pump much less accurate as the product is delivered in pulses with a time gap between injections. About the Wiki: We don't accept sponsorships, free goods, samples, promotional products, or other benefits from any of the product brands featured on thisexcept in cases where those brands are manufactured by the retailer to dosing pump wiki we are linking.

Engineering[ edit ] The word dosing is very commonly used by engineers in thermal power stationsin water treatment, in any industry where pup is being generated, and in building services for heating and dosing pump wiki water treatment. If not the service interval may have to be shorter and the container smaller but more handle able.

In this article we have discussed dosing pump systems, their components, how the pumps work and how they are set up properly. Peristaltic or lobe pumps are a specialised and very accurate method of dosing.

Editor's Notes April 14, The all-inclusive Aqua Medic Evo 4 made the top spot on our list, as it comes with all you need for a four-channel system that can add water, nutrients, and supplements to your tank. Types of Dosing Pumps These four dosing dosiny types are deed for different pressures, chemicals dosing pump wiki applications. Dosing pumps have a large range of applications across a of industries.

The thing to note are that it should be located for the product to mix well and not dosing pump wiki any other pipe parts, ie if it is placed before a valve or water meter, then these parts could be prematurely corroded not read properly or have a build-up of scale or sludge. With the MSDS info and manufacturer data, you should be able to dertermine: Corrosive nature of products and toxicity.