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Elite singles reddit

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Elite singles reddit

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Aside from the 15 percent of people who can thank their alma mater for putting their future spouse on the same campus, most of the degree-holding population is sent elite singles reddit the real world alone. Dating doesn't get better once you're freed from the shackles of exams and extracurriculars: Finding someone you like romantically who can sync with your 9-to-5 lifestyle and understand that no, you can't go to the bar on a Sunday night, doesn't automatically come with aging past For those unwilling to budge when it comes to their partner's educational values and career goals, EliteSingles attempts to offer more specificity where eharmony and Match leave off. As surface-level as they seem, money, work ethic, and professional schedules are things that can make or break a serious relationship. Finding a cute person with similar interests to yours is one thing, but finding someone elite singles reddit feel comfortable having a t bank with is harder. We talked to Maria Ivanik, a marketing manager at Elite Singles, to get the user base stats forand you're in luck: EliteSingles hasactive users who want to find the same exact thing that you do.

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If you're a teacher, it makes total sense to be interested in starting something with someone who also understands that teacher life. This hands-off setup is perfect for those who don't have the energy or interest to play rrddit "hot or not" game and are looking for more of a true matchmaker service. Options include ability to communicate, sexual compatibility, similar family plans, and kindness. No other forum is acceptable. Again, there is a no tolerance policy for this. elite singles reddit

This will also encompass all topics around Coronavirus not limited to Clap for Carers. The ban hammer will go down with no recourse or feddit this naturally extends to mod-mail.

Discussion and advice on dating and relationships for people over the age of 30

Feel free to speak your mind This is a place where all who want to get something off their chest, can get something off their chest. Image: elitesingles If you're worried that you're talking too much about yourself, there is another one of these bubble-style questions that lets you specify what you're looking for in a relationship. The cluster of unlimited descriptors is just asking for cocky people to hype themselves up, but a chance for honest people who trust the process to give potential matches a well-rounded idea of their personality.

The whole concept seems problematic. No blanket statements Obviously fake stories elite singles reddit be removed Political posts are fine but they must be in "off my chest" fashion.

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Worried about catching feelings for someone who just wants to be friends with benefits? For some, a mile difference is a considerable commitment — especially for a first date. No one wants to say it, but people bend the truth when they need to look good — and a questionnaire that basically asks you to rate how good of a partner you are is bound to make people treat it like a damn.

Elite singles reddit 2 Eoite must share a detailed experience and either pose a question or request advice.

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Though the site isn't targeting young people who are still in college or who are enjoying that post-college, untethered something life, it's nice to see that EliteSingles puts effort into staying in-line sing,es what a new generation of daters find reliable. No one looking for a elite singles reddit hook up is going to want to shell out this much money per month when they could get on Tinder for free.

But based on what we've gathered from reviews, it's all too common for EliteSingles to plop people into your feed who don't match your baseline criteria at all. We ask that you do the same. Other, more well-deed apps will show people that match elite singles reddit preferences within 5 to 10 miles away.

A service that could potentially speed up the miserable elite singles reddit for rreddit soulmate — using a unique algorithm that took years to create and perfect — should totally come at a price. User reviews also have next-to-no mention of fake or dead s. EliteSingles' prices may be bogus, but they're high enough to weed out most people who aren't taking online dating seriously. I live in a highly urban, populated area.

The prices are like paying a salty cover charge for an empty club

If your partner showed up to a date late, would you make it obvious that you're annoyed or would you let it go because you're also late sometimes? The possibility of getting mixed up with a catfish causes a lot of hesitation from people new to online dating. Do not attempt a witch elite singles reddit. The word "elite" opens a can of worms.


Do not ping users who are not already in the thread. You'll also have the benefit of finding a slightly older pool of women, who are closer to your age, compared to sites like Match. Despite the large window for exaggeration, EliteSingles could give hope to a lot of people who are tired of the broad dating pools on other sites.

New Reddittors must build a comment history before they may make posts. This involves splitting up your long posts into paragraphs, and proper punctuation and grammar. Rule 3 Posters need to have at least some comment history IE: Karma. If you have a problem singled only relates to you in your situation e.

Questions lacking sufficient context may elite singles reddit removed. There's also one about hobbies, and the options are pleasantly robust: Choose from running, charity work, live music, photography, and a ton more. Rule 9 Rants, venting, forever alone, validation seeking removed on moderator discretion. The entire island of Manhattan is literally only But since elite singles reddit elite experience is what users think they're paying for, that's exactly what the users should get: A pool of eligible singles who have been verified to have a similar level of responsibility at work and similar songles scale.

Final thoughts If you've put your romantic endeavors on hold to focus on your career and, now that you've completed school and are comfortably employed, are looking for a life partner who's at the same place in their life, EliteSingles could find you someone who gets you. Sometimes a different perspective is helpful. Finding elitd cute person with similar interests to elitte is elite singles reddit thing, but finding someone you'd feel comfortable having a t bank with is harder.

Formatting your post

Reddiquette also applies. Good for: Mature, established singles who don't have a type If you've had your fair share of immature, half-assed relationships, you understand how draining it is to find someone who understands your goals — or how elite singles reddit it is to babysit a partner whose work ethic isn't up to par.

The "Wild Card" feature is EliteSingles' way of trying to get you to expand your comfort zone a bit or a way to make up for the fact that their questionnaire probably isn't rendering accurate portrayals of everyone, anyway. The verbiage could even dismiss genuinely great users who have a lot to offer because they don't feel elite singles reddit enough.

1. feel free to speak your mind

The tedious stuff is broken up by fun questions like "Do you like sleeping with the window open? Private messages or direct Reddit Chat message to moderators about moderator actions will be ignored. Just because someone didn't pick a four-year university doesn't mean elite singles reddit not intellectual or successful, and everyone who has refdit degree isn't automatically a catch.

But once EliteSingles sends you someone who sparks you interest, you get a pretty well-rounded view of who they are as a person. However, I cannot narrow my radius to less than 50 miles away. It's pricier than the other sites, but seems to attract a higher degree no pun intended of women with advanced degrees or who ssingles successful in their fields of interest. Note: AutoMod has been set up to remove posts and comments from new users and those with low karma for review. This ekite and its associated service is a waste of money.

Pinging someone in order to harass them is a bannable offense We also heavily encourage our users to follow the reddiquette Other Information This subreddit is not considered a safe space for sinvles particular group.