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Gay truck stop sex

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Gay truck stop sex

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A gentle beep from the truck passing me.

Age: 53
Relationship Status: Never Married
Seeking: I Seeking Nsa
City: University of Mississippi, South Fallsburg, Loysville, Atco
Hair:Dyed blond
Relation Type: Swm 4 Younger Sbf 4 Dating Or Ltr

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Truck stop gay sex

Their shafts, hard and leathery encased with bulging veins of hot blood, their assholes tasted like coffee. I watched as Randy knelt down before the huge cock and began to worship it like a priest at the altar.

Liquid movement as I stripped. I heard him moan as my tongue was forced against his hole.

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Slowly I allowed the length of his cock to slide out of my mouth. On impulse, I bent over the counter and kissed him. I was so hot I wanted him to stuff it all down me hot mouth.

His cock rose from his lap like the goddam Washington Monument. He was Kareem, the basketball player.

I slowly took my tongue and lick on his piss hole and then all around the head. Just a few mattresses scattered around. It was hard to get just the head inside my mouth. I then started back up toward the tip of tguck cock.

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I just pushed my mouth up again the hole and held it there. His cock was now just a few inches from my cock hungry mouth.

He was naked, and he pushed his cock in my face and I touched it and loved it and played with it Then I sucked gau head of it with my tongue and tightened my lips. The room was mirrored.

Red lamps reflected on golden hairs like a Tahitian sunset. I kept swirling my tongue around and around the head and I heard him moaning with gzy movements.

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I decided to try to get as far dtop his cock as I could. I licked and sucked and kissed every inch of him. I noticed he reached in his pants pocket.

It seemed to slide more along the top of my mouth and coating it with his pre-cum as it went. I lifted my head a little too where my throat became more open and I felt the cock slide deeper.

See those trucks out there? His excitement brought him real tears. This was rough stuff. There was a small richly colored tattoo resting on his shoulders. Each of the two men trucj his stream at us, and when they were dried up, we were quite as wet as Willie.

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His body was shapeless. I was really getting a good face fucking from this big cock.

I felt the warm slimy piss on my feet as I stepped into the room. The pressure's driving me up the wall. Then slowly his shots subsided and Trudk was able to swallow more of him.

We separated and he handed me the key. I was so hot I felt myself starting to cum.

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His strokes gay truck stop sex longer and harder as I could feel him get the tip almost out of my mouth and then the tip slamming against my throat. I tapped on the side of the glory hole and waited to see what would happen. His pre-cum tasted salty and a string of it truc, between the hole of his cock and my tongue. I heard him moan from my tongue. It was like a piston slamming into me. He looked at me with love and adoration.

I knew I would not be able to take the total length inside my mouth because of its thickness. I was thinking of all this and gently playing with my balls and cock.