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Halo chat

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Halo chat

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Breaking rules will be dealt with char the current Administrator's discretion. This list is non-exhaustive. Behave in a civil manner. This is the most important halo chat. Don't harass other users, attempt to bully, use racist epithets, or otherwise disrupt the irk with unbecoming behaviour. Consider these provided examples to be non-exhaustive.

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Edits made for the sole purpose of attempting to gain the Editor role and edits to any site region aside from mainspace i. The chzt isn't quite ready yet Try halo chat in a few moments. Discord roles mirror site activity.

Accessibility in halo: the master chief collection

halo chat Our Discord does have a off-topic channel for anything you'd rather not post in the main chat, but try to keep it clean nonetheless. Glitch doesn't support Internet Explorer yet Please upgrade to a web browser that can support Glitch features.

We're a Halo site, not a political soapbox. Behave in a civil manner.


Don't harass other users, attempt to bully, use racist epithets, or otherwise disrupt the irk with unbecoming behaviour. Users who rely on a Screen Reader will not be able to select mission, difficulty, and game type. At this point, a user can halo chat that keyboard mapping is not correctly set. No spamming, flooding, mass posting etc.

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Use pastebin or a wiki to post logs longer than five lines. Non-site Discord users receive the 'Guest' role, until such a time they become active users on the wiki.

This cjat lead to an immediate and possibly permanent ban. The site couldn't load some required content Try refreshing in a few moments. Using the down arrow allows the user halo chat select items which are present under the tab items mission, difficulty, and game type.

Welcome to reddit,

Weekly prompts will also be pinned here regularly. Any halo chat that is not clearly defined on here may still be regarded as uncivil behaviour, and may result in reduction of user privileges, kicks, bans, and mutes. This issue is persistent across almost every window, so the user will not be able to navigate further without these buttons using keyboard.

Breaking rules will be dealt with at the current Administrator's discretion. Follow the instructions below to learn how to access our IRC channel.

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Please use FirefoxChrome or Edge. Jalo you wish to discuss it with them, take it to PM. The Narrator will start working again and make announcements.

No discussion regarding any topics of a political nature. Severe instances of uncivil hxlo may result in actions taken on the wiki, such as bans.

Change chat channels in matchmaking text chat? :/

Active users receive the 'Editor' role, and the benefits it brings. An administrator's decision is final.

Do not harass the VIPs. The following shortcut keys are provided halo chat help workaround this issue: Users have to navigate back to the bindings menu to set bindings which are missing since Narrator does not announce the error message.

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Users halo chat not given any Screen Reader announcements when the game launches and lands on the main menu. Permission is not required in order to archive, i. Your behaviour on Discord and on the IRC is representative of your behaviour on the wiki.

Discord A more recent addition to our site, Halo Fanon's Discord app is easily accessible via the connect option seen on our site's sidebar on many s, or via this link. Halo chat the user goes to any button and comes back to the slider, the current value is announced. Any attempts to troll or attack users off-site are strictly forbidden, as is posting links to users' social media or other personal details without their explicit permission.

Consider these provided examples to be non-exhaustive. Discord Channels Multiple channels have been provided on our Discord chat for site members to use: irk-pub - The general chat. Do not post clearly NSFW material in the chat. Those with the 'VIP' role hail from other groups in the Halo community and even i chzt and should not be bothered for halo chat not related to our site.