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Guru 1 y The circle is a way to describe whether someone is active or online at the moment. The green open circle which you describe means recently active, or that he yellow circle meaning online recently. He is not online currently then, but if said circle is filled in a solid green circle it means he is online at the moment. The smaller the whole or the closer it is to being filled in, the more recent they've been on.

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I once thought Match. Ok, I perform a search and click on a profile, what do I see? Now, not every one of those profiles will be paying members, so they may not be able to respond neaning you unless they pay, of coursebut if your profile is pretty kick-ass then they will, right? Which of these types of people do you gravitate towards? The final tab shows the messages that you and this profile have exchanged.

From there, indicate your physical yellow circle meaning and zodiac. You can browse profiles and converse with other members right yelloe your smartphone. Below that are a listed set of interests. What clothing style do you feel your ideal match would have? Blog Match.

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Tweet On Match. Who do you feel is the most attractive, of these celebrities? The Datespark screen is a bit different than the others.

Dating profiles on Match. Also, whether your match can have kids already — or wants meaniny. Add some local bars, coffee shops, restaurants, or other places you like to spend your time at.

Consider it a short attention grabber. It shows who have proposed types of dates. Definitely let us know about your experiences with Match. Which of these represents that best?

Why you shouldn't smile in your profile, and other online dating tips for execs

What does that mean for you? So, um, work on that profile.

Yelow indicate any preferences for languages spoken by a potential partner. The second tab shows all the photos this person has posted. Two dollars a week! Reverse Match shows profiles of those whose criteria matches your profile i.

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Next up in the amount of drinking and smoking that you would entertain in your partner. This is one thing Match.

They advertise heavily online but also have on television. These questions will help further refine matches and compatibility. I logged off and my friend said he could still see it on. So, an entire year of meeting other singles — and giving yourself a chance a life-long companionship — on a site that is well known and thus brings in lots of new members on a daily basis.

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Which face shape do you find most attractive? Which body part catches your eye the most? Yes No Buttonman said: I know. You have a more than a few options for how to search other dating profiles.


Select what kinds of movies you like. For each photo, one can comment directly relating to that photo. Choose what you consider a great getaway destination or that you would rather stay at if you had 2 weeks off! A username search box is also available.