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Mon chalet stories

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Mon chalet stories

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I've never really had a bad time there. I have had times where there storiea many people there. And I've had times where I've not played with anyone there. But, I don't expect to play every time I'm there.

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No names or phone s were exchanged, not much talking occurred, just three consenting adults getting what we mon chalet stories wanted. Ben Click to expand With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, the city of Denver and its surrounding metro areas have seen a boom in population for the green gold rush. I love the feeling of hanging out nude in the chaleg area with other nude people.

I had trouble finding a place to live without any references so I camped out at tsories campgrounds.

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Single guys, just relax and don't be a jerk and you will probably get lucky. Couples and single females can just get a pool pass at night which is a lot cheaper. Our destination was the Mon Chalet, an unassuming looking motel located on the rather infamous East Colfax Ave. That sounds like a tale worth telling.

Truly a wet dream for any sex crazed male or female. I have witnessed some single guy being aggressive and seeing I've never really had a bad time there.

The staff have always been mon chalet stories except for one woman who no longer works there. After about thirty seconds she stopped and locked eyes my Lady Friend, and in a split second they were making out passionately. Body types of all sizes large to small walk around freely which makes for a high comfortablity level, and being nude at The Mon Chalet is more lifestyle driven than a bunch of perverts ogling each other.

I've been invited to a room where about 15 people were in it all going at it. If you like watching or being watched this is the place for you.

And yes, I have seen single females that go there and 9 times out of 10 I hook up with them. Almost cha,et I sit and crack open a beer and it doesn't take long for people to want to chat with you. However, a unique body does go a long way in there.

I tried to win her over, but no deal. We began our grassroots campaign clueless and hopeful. One friend of the broker needed help, and I was sent over to help her.

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There are others but I don't remember the Room s. I'm not aggressive when I'm there, Mon chalet stories wait for a couple to approach me if they are interested. I however find it hilarious. If you go to their website they have a section called Online Introductions and it's a basic message board where you can message others about going there and arrange to meet up. I have witnessed some single guy being aggressive and seeing couples head back to their room because of them.

She offered to let me stay at her place when she found out I didn't have a place to live. But, I don't expect to play every time I'm there. I've chapet invited to other's rooms and have been asked by couples if I have a room we can go to.

In addition to the fully equipped guest rooms, the Mon Chalet has an indoor pool and hot tub that is clothing optional. The new staff they have now are very nice and friendly. I was "shared" with a of mon chalet stories friends, and I got used to being nude all dtories time, even when she had visitors. We shied away from the play area and decided to an older couple in the hot tub.

Colorado: mon chalet adult motel

Weekdays Moon never had a problem finding a place to sit. I only went once on a Monday night and it was me, 2 other guys and one couple. We decided to set our sights higher for our sexual exhibitions. When the idea came about for my Lady Friend and I to go to the Mon Chalet, the sole purpose was to mon chalet stories other women to have sex with, which for us is like our ultimate goal in life for some reason.

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Go to their website for a description of each room. They rented a room to a female student who would go on to be chaalet ex-wife. She sent me to take a shower and took my clothes to wash them they smelled A few hours and a bottle of whiskey later we found mon chalet stories threesome we were looking for with a woman who was third-wheeling with another party of people. Nice to have if you bring a couple back to stpries room and they like sex in the hot tub.