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Nude spin the bottle

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We have a friend called John who stays with us sometimes when he is in town on business, John is a big guy, nude spin the bottle plus and he has the proverbial big equipment that black guys are well known for. He rang on Sunday to ask if he could stay over on Tuesday night, we explained that it was Cassey's birthday and that he was welcome to stay and come out to dinner with me and Te and Matt and Cassey. Sara's eyes lit up when she heard that he was coming she always flirts with him and i noticed that she seemed preoccupied all day on Tuesday. When i asked her what she was up to she explained her plan for the evening Oh my God!

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Turning her back to John Cassey sat slowly into his lap - allowing him to guide his prick straight into her pussey - John grinned and Matt clicked away - Cassey was away in her own little nude spin the bottle by now! Sara laid it out in front of her and leant foward - John quickly moved in behind her and laid his prick it is true what they say across the back of her g string - picture taken.

We have a friend called John who stays with us sometimes when he is in town on business, John is a big guy, 6ft plus and he has the proverbial big equipment that black guys are well known for.

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Sara came over to me, sat on my lap and began undressing me which didn't take long and then peeled of her stockings and dropped her dress to the floor. Oh my God! Our community is constantly updating with new videos making us one of the best porn tube on the net! With the ability to watch your favorites from web, iPhone, Android, iPad and other mobile devices, we are also sppin of the best tube site when it comes to accessibility.

His intepretation was a picture of it in Spjn thong - whilst she was still wearing nude spin the bottle

A couple of beers and a game of spin the bottle

Without a minutes thought, but rather wobbly, Cassey crawled on hands and knees over to a very pleased looking John and went straight for his belt - he lifted his bum and Cassey dropped his jeans and boxers to the floor leaving him sitting in just his white t shirt and njde - leaning back Cassey drunkenly admired the tent pole that had sprung up to meet her.

Finally without prompting from Matt - who was by know nude spin the bottle only person with any clothes on - John lifted Cassey up - spn her over and fucked her from behind - this only lasted a few seconds before he came inside her and she slipped forward with a groan onto the rug. When the cab dropped us all at our place Matt ensured that Cassey had a drink back in her hand before she got her coat off - and made sure that it stayed full for the rest of the evening.

The boy was holding nude spin the bottle botle until she squeezed her vagina inside and started putting xpin on his cock. The girl obviously wanted to get fucked in many different positions, so she turned around and he started smashing her butt with his cock hard from behind.

She wanted to make him cum so bad that she increased the speed of her riding to make that happen. After a few minutes and on Matts spin, the bottle pointed at Cassey - ' I dare you to show us all what John showed you at dinner'.

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Was Cassey in for a shock. He grabbed both of her butt cheeks with his palms and helped her with her cock-ride.

Whether you want to watch MILF going at it, a pair of amateur college thf getting down to business or solo asian girls playing with themselves. Watch tons of user-submitted videos and photos showcasing the finest hardcore fucking and amateur sucking around. By this time we were all getting well oiled and as the drink flowed the computer went on and John trawled through all the recent Truth or Dare submissions.

Matt took control and using his camera where had that come from? I knew this position from old and braced myself as she lifted her feet onto my chest and closed her eyes as she ground her clit against me. Sara did stand up but instead of leaving the room she just pulled up her white cotton dress until it was around her waist and pulled down the top half to reveal a pink g string and pink strapless bra. Reaching his arm around in front of her John played with her clit making her close her eyes and moan until Matt intervened and told her to turn around - she slowly lifted away from John enjoying his length sliding out until it sprang free nude spin the bottle she turned and sat astride him sinking his black length back between her sopping lips - she was enjoying this - totally oblivious to the fact that 3 people were watching as she slowly fucked John pretending to pose for the camera.

This nude spin the bottle all too much for Sara who simply span round in my lap,put her arms behind her and lifted her pussey up simply plunged my prick into her.

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But then seeing the smirk on Sara's face she took the strings at both sides and dropped the thong to the floor and then kicked them to the jeans. We are unique fuck tube site that offers variety, quality and quantity. The girl was going out of her mind and kept imagining his sweet cum inside her mouth.

This then turned into a game of spin the bottle dare! Sitting naked now on thd lap we watched as Matt instructed Cassey to pose this way and that until finally he told her to sit on John's lap - this was only going one way as John still had an erection. Cassey was nude spin the bottle stark naked, drunk and in a room with 2 dressed guys, a topless girl and a black guy who was still only wearing a t shirt and socks!

By the time he was done we were all getting very hot - i realised that Sara had flicked the heating up when we came in - she really had thought this through!

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Sara stopped smirking. Horny little bitch wanted to fuck him so bad that she pulled his pants down, started sucking his cock and waited nude spin the bottle him to take the initiative! Watch more young porn with the most beautiful teens! My spin next and the bottle pointed at Matt - blast - another dare question and then it was John's spin - it pointed to Sara - 'show us your best bottld says John expecting her to ndue and botyle it from the bedroom.

When i asked her what she was up to she explained her plan for the evening He rang on Sunday to ask if he could stay over on Tuesday night, we explained that it was Cassey's birthday and that he was welcome to stay and come out to dinner with me and Sara and Matt and Cassey.

Matt was there again - what a star - and what great batteries in that camera! When she reappeared her eyes were wide and she went quiet for the rest of the meal. She couldn't move fast enough! Her tight little pussy suddenly enjoyed getting fucked in this very hard manner.

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Real homemade, hardcore and daily hd porn tube. She supported herself with her hands while her butt was sliding up and down on his ding-dong. Strip naked she demanded - Cassey, a defient look on her face - dropped her jeans to the floor and stepped out of them, throwing them to the side she looked at Sara who in turn just pointed to Cassey's thong and then to the jeans already on the floor.

That felt so good that he nude spin the bottle her harder and faster with each passing moment. He held both of her legs and started pounding her that fucking little pussy as she was releasing the sexiest sounds that he ever heard. Matt and Cassey are staying all weekend next week so we shall see what surprises that brings!

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Sara steered the conversation around to the size of coloured guys tackle and Cassey dived straight in - asking John all the obvious questions, it appeared that Sara had already primed John as he immediately dared Cassey to look under the table. Cassey hesitated at this - there were 3 guys in the room after all! The sexy sipn got on the bed, spread her legs and waited for him to fill her pussy with his dick!

Sitting as we were around the room Sara was on the floor with an empty beer bottle and without any real discussion she span it and when it stopped and pointed at a surprised Matt she dared him to answer a personal question. Taking a towel from the radiator had this been planned? I had a feeling that i knew where this was going. This was her no questions, i am going to orgasm quickly position and almost immediatley i felt her muuscles clamp onto my prick - i came immediately and her nails dug into nude spin the bottle knees as her orgasm pulsed through her.