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Oga vans

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Oga vans are only so helpful, so I hope you enjoy this video and learn a little bit more about my tiny home. As always, a major thank you to the team at Off-Grid Adventure Vans who built my dream home for me. I could not recommend them enough!

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We break it down here.

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Looking for a few extras? Today, Off Grid Adventure Vans is still focused on affordability while also offering more choice to consumers with builds oga vans both Promasters and Ford Transits. Two new vwns include a similar cabinet system but switch up the bed layout for storage.

Want to find out more about my van? In this model a full-size Murphy bed sleeps two and folds up when not in use.

If you have any additional questions about my build, please leave them in the comments! Other perks include the use of better, longer-lasting lithium batteries, solar power and an oga vans in all standard builds, a roof fan, and dimmable LED lighting.

Cozy camper van is a $65k off-grid retreat

Come our community group. Save this for later by pining one of the images below: Share this:. I could not recommend them enough! Overhead cabinets and built-in ofa provide storage, while a galley kitchen includes a refrigerator, butcher block countertop, stove, and sink.

Unlike other industrial looksthis type of woodworking creates a cozy feel more reminiscent of tiny homes than campers. Oga vans recently moved to a new facility in Frederick, Maryland, with a full in-house woodworking shop. Off Grid Adventure vans also offers upgrades like an outdoor shower, compostable ogs, and four-season insulation.

These self-install kits get you a custom-quality van without the sticker shock. Need help? Their first models were sleek and well-thought out, all using the Ram Promaster vana a base.

In all three of the models, interior walls are available in cedar, pine, hemlock, and other local woods, and customers can also customize the interiors of the three main oga vans so long as they stay in the same build footprint. the convo!

If you want to DIY your own van, these are the best vans to convert. Love campers, vans, and RVs?

Pictures are only so helpful, so I hope you ogz this video and oga vans a little bit more about my tiny home. We first reported on Off Grid Adventure Vans in as they were in the beginning stages of their company. Love campers and trailers? Check out my frequently asked vanlife questions here and here.

As always, a major thank you to the team at Off-Grid Adventure Vans who built my oga vans home for me. All photos courtesy of Off Grid Adventure Vans The camper van industry has long been concentrated in the American West, with custom upfitters often headquartering in California, Colorado, and Washington. In its place are two long bench ogga with a removable table in between for working or dining.