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Sister and brother pee stories

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Sister and brother pee stories

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Years ago, after walking home from school, my younger sister Aimee, my younger brother Joel, and I found brotther house locked. After a couple of minutes, Aimee announced that she had to pee. Now if Joel had needed to pee, I would have told him to go pee in the bushes.

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Finally I broke the silence and asked. I told mum what I'd done and she just laughed and said 'let that be a lesson to you in moderation'.

She put it against her lips. I awoke the next morning with an abrupt sound.

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House to myself? Ned gave into his inner lust and pushed me onto the bed in front of his sister immediately sister and brother pee stories my pants down exposing my beautiful piss soaked pussy his cock soon sprung free in front of my pussy I spat in my hand and applied my hand to his cock labbering it up to slide inside my assmy pussy has already taken a beating now its my asses turn I positioned his cock the entrance of my asshole Ned lunged nrother inside my ass catching me of guard letting out a phased moan.

Besides I can think of better things to do. I found all her panties I stuffed another pair of purple panties in my pocket and found a vibrator. Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist For Free I couldn't stop thinking how stodies girls would be prepared to indulge in something as kinky as a golden shower.

I don't know and I made a slight movement which made her vibrator go off. Bec reached over and gave it a squeeze. I explained that most of my fantasies included masturbation because it was what I was about to do.


It was just awful. Squatting in front of me, pulling her purple panties aside, spreading her pussy lips. I must have dozed again because when I looked up Bec was standing beside me at the pools edge. All the while I kept pissing onto her open cunt until my anf finally emptied.

After a while our sistr moved on and I asked her if she'd ever had one of those really embarrassing moments. Bec readjusted herself slightly as the stream of urine intensified and hit me with some force.

I wonder and find myself in her room. I had to pee so bad that I was about to just piss pe pants. The thing that really struck me was how similar they were.

Sister with a helping hand.

I I knew my little sister was a virgin and I personally believe she should stay that way I suggested to her that its time to fill that tight little ass of hers I demanded Ned to fuck his little sisters ass in front of me and give her the best anal cream pie possible. I continued blowing smoke all over my little sisters clit even blew smoke inside her pussy this really got Mia horny she hugged me close and sister and brother pee stories out with me passing her own smoke into my mouth and from my mouth to hers, I found my way into her pussy as she found her way into mine we kept smoking with our free hands while passionately making out and moaning our smoke into each others mouth we picked up both our paces Cumming simultaneously on each others fingers panting like crazy to reach our breaths, we soon heard a car arrive it was Ned coming back from footy training.

Right before I let loose my sister opens the door and I asked if I was okay but before she could finish she saw me and ran to me. She really wouldn't be able to say anything to anyone. Once Ned finished cumming in my bumb I removed his cock from my ass it was all slimy with my ass juices I ordered Mia to suck my ass juices of his cock while Sister and brother pee stories deeply ate her asshole just to get the rest of that cock flavour from my little sisters asshole.

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You know. We jumped into the pool and swam around for twenty minutes or so before getting out and rinsing off under storiees outdoor shower. After drying off we went into the house, still naked and fell into the leather lounge in the family room. With my little vibrator. She spread them on the ground by the pool just out of the sun.

It’s a b-side.

No doubt about it, I was deeply in love with my sister. Afterwards, we went to my room and fucked for an hour or more, slowly at first and finished in an orgasmic frenzy. I was broyher out because I knew what was coming.

brotjer My sister barges in. I begged her to stop because my arms were once feeling very useless as my body was so sore I couldn't move.

Sibling rivalry

I sniffed it, licked it, while having her panties cover my face. Brotner gasped and saw my cum stains, cock, and her panties all in the same area. We sat for a few moments in silence before she said, "Amongst other things, I can't stop thinking about what you said this morning, about jerking yourself off after watching me pee. The need to release my seed was intense. I thought she was a freak.

My twin sister (part 3)

What is that all about? I watched in awe as it splashed onto my semen soaked cock and trickled onto my tummy, down my sides and between my legs. I brought the vibrator with me.