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Tantus bend over beginner kit

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Tantus bend over beginner kit

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I have shopped for a while trying to find a kit for me and my boyfriend and I'm not disapointed at all.

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Harness was easy to put on and my wife said it was comfortable.

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Just wish the smaller dildo was a little longer. C'est mon premier mais je l'aime beaucoup. Other than that, perfect set!!!!!!!

What an experience!!! Also, the packaging is sober, not heteronormative or sexist, if your sensible to that kind of thing, it's a plus!

I can't recommend it for vaginal penetration, however, without the addition of an accessory. It is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, phthalate free, odorless, tasteless, and the go-to material for body-safe toys. Par contre, ile faudra racheter une grandeur de plus.

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Seeing each and every motion and how it affected my partner was thrilling and powerful. All I can say is WOW!

When playing with a harness you need to pull it flush against your pelvis for stability and to help you drive the dildo. I strapped on the harness with ease and started with the smaller dildo as he was new to this. My research paid off!

Storms, pandemics, and other natural or unnatural disasters are also not factored into shipping times. Easy to clean too. The vibrator that you insert in the front pouch of the harness is powerful and delivers pleasure.

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Crazy price for what its worth! Silicone is known to be the safest material on the marketā€¦ with an incredibly pleasurable feel. Simply put, using a strap-on has given me a newfound love for the peen.

We suspect that this is bemd for cities, and are optimistic that this is true for small towns and rural addresses. The smaller version is a bit too small to my liking it's basically the size of a fingerthe medium one is much better. All these prices and amounts are in Canadian dollars.

Product was compatible with ID hybrid silk lubricant. Once an order has left the store, we are not able to offer a refund. They also get the experience of putting their penis inside another person and giving that person pleasureā€¦ whereas women, we tend to be more on the passive and receiving end.

It vend also a bit plushy and pliable, rather than hard and rigid. If the customer contacts us after the 3-day defective exchange window, we will provide information and assistance is making a warranty claim. Tantus celebrates sexuality and encourages consenting adults to explore their erotic side CLEAN - The superior quality of the silicone makes Tantus toys hypoallergenic, non-toxic, phthalates free, odorless, bleachable, boilable and dishwasher safe.

Bend over beginner kit

It's great that this harness comes with another o-ring so that it's compatible with further dildos as both of you become more experienced. I lubed him well with Anal Ease he took it well the first time and he enjoyed the ride. For same-day delivery in Ottawa, you must be at the address you've listed in order to accept your package. Tantus recommends you wear tantus bend over beginner kit around for a little while to get used to the weight before you use it intimately.

And the fact that this harness can be used with other dildos makes this product so versatile.

But it got worse - the third or so time we used the set, one of my inner labia got stuck between the o-ring and the shaft of the dildo! My. The quality harness fits over her wide hips very comfortably and securely.

The material is super easy to wash, has no odor the chemical being stable. It really was a fantastic toy that both of us enjoy and turns us on. It's important to us that every order feels like a gift, but mit takes a lot of time to do this!

All the prices listed on our website are also in Canadian dollars. Shipping and Processing Times Orders received by 9am Eastern time will be processed and shipped out on the same day.