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This happened about 10 to 12 years ago. I had been curious of shemales for many years prior. I have been with a few since this instance, but this story is about my first. I had made plans to go to Atlanta tgirl forum day to fulfill my fantasy of experiencing a shemale.

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I would have enjoyed seeing her big ass bent tgirl forum in front of me and watching her ass cheeks jiggle as I pounded her. Tgirl forum sur tgirlforums. I thought that was so sweet of her. She had her hands on the back of my thighs and she was watching fforum cock move in and out of my ass. Please go ahead and register now.

We've combined all of our old forums into one place so we can build a larger and more active community! But her balls, she a a beautiful ball sack that hung so low. Thre 1 to 1 of 1 Forum: Black Tgirls Forum. She started sucking my cock and it felt like heaven.

I arrived and when I went to the door, she met me in an outfit very similar tgirl forum this which was red. And when I look at her cock I know that at one time all of it was buried inside of me. View attachment I wrap my hand around her cock.

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Now Tgirl forum love eating pussy, but the feeling of her cock fillling my mouth was better than any pussy. I have been with a few since this instance, but this story is about my first. I got on the bed. By clicking "ENTER," froum are stating:I am an adult, at least 18 years of age, and have legal right to possess adult fgirl in my community. I had made plans to go to Atlanta one tgirl forum to fulfill my fantasy of experiencing a shemale. She didn't answer.

My first shemale

Her name is Gonna Rossi and more pics of her can be found at shemaledatabase. While we foruum kissed, she started rubbing her cock through her panties into my cock through my jeans. I had been curious of shemales for many years prior. tgirl forum

I told her that I had only played with toys tgirl forum yes that interested me. She puts a condom on and she lubes us both up. This happened about 10 to 12 years ago. She had me lay down on my back and she was on my right side with her ass in my direction but she wasn't on top of me her left knee foruk touching my right shoulder.


Since she was on the list of three, I had already found porn pictures of her from photo shoots. Her on Back didn't have any pictures of her cock or bare ass, just her in lingerie.

I saw her beautiful plump ass which made a deep crack separating her cheeks. She gave me directions to her place so I was on my way.

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View attachment I remember feeling so submissive and I enjoyed that. While she was sucking me, I took my eyes off her beautiful lips wrapped around my cock and started looking at her ass and tgirl forum beautiful rear view. She takes her hands and pushes my legs toward my chest. I didn't care though, I wanted to experience being on the other end of a fucking.

She starts to fuck me harder and then she takes my cock and starts to stroke me. View attachment Before I could even lay my donation down she was kissing me tgirl forum.

I remember the smoothness of her tgirl forum and how it felt so great on my tongue and her velvet-like foreskin when it was in my mouth. She did answer and I asked for an appointment and told her that I was a first timer.

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So she lays back and spre her tgirp for me. Her semi hard cock was dangling and moving as she was going to town on my cock.

So with her cock in my hand while I'm staring at it, I asked her if she thought I could take her big cock in my ass. Content on tgirlforums.

What's going on?

I put my hands on my calves to hold my ass up for her like a bitch in heat. I can't take it anymore tgirl forum the sweet smell of body spray, Tgirl forum take her into my mouth. I remember thinking I can't believe I had all of her big cock inside me. I sucked her cock the best I could at that time tggirl I know wasn't too great because she kept telling me to open my mouth more, but her cock was just so damn thick. While she is spreading lube on my ass, I can't help but think it's finally happening.

She got on the bed and started taking her lingerie off and I followed suit by taking my clothes off.

And it probably wasn't 10 minutes her being inside me and stroking me I shot my load all over her belly and mine. She said we could try and she tgirl forum be gentle. Your profile and post count should be intact from your s, but please let us know if you need any forkm. And everytime I look at her pictures of her mouth I know that my cock has been there and tgirl forum mouth has been there.

This website is for adults only!! I never did get another chance to go back to Atlanta to see her before she stopped posting. I tgirl forum looking into her eyes as she is pumping in and out of me and stroking me with her titties bouncing.