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Watching wife have sex stories

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Watching wife have sex stories

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Most of which involve me watching them have sex with other men and the intense turn-on it was for us both. I've been going through my journal and sometimes can't believe some of the experiences.

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I heard Rachel say patience boys. She had no boundaries and after my dull marriage I lived the sexual lifestyle I always dreamed of.

Hhave faked a trip and followed her from a distance when she went out. He then moved his hand round to her ass and pushed one of his fingers into her which made her just scream more.

We had always wanted to do it…

Rachel moved in with me and life was pretty sweet. One day when I knew she would be out I installed some hidden video equipment so I could see and hear her in action without her knowing. His thrusts became quicker and quicker before climaxing inside of her and filling her with his cum. We checked into our hotel and relaxed into our hotel room, I had brought a bottle of red with me from home and we sipped on that whilst enjoying the bathtub and the comfy white wkfe sheets.

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I wasn't sure if I was more impressed with the guys sexual stamina or Rachel's ability to satisfy these studs. Seeing how she was dressed I knew she was on the prowl for a partner. I knew my wife was on the brink of an orgasm and before I knew it she was shaking and cumming all over his face, her entire body was trembling and when she was finished he turned to smile at me. I am Randy.

We wanted to do this in a weeks time from that meeting and he agreed to the roleplay, the times and the meeting places. I openly fantasized about Rachel fucking some of the men that drooled over her. She decided she was going to give me the best, the hottest, the kinkiest show she could to really find out if I was into watching her.

Finally the 3 got in her car and wifs back to our house. It took a calculated risk but in the end I got my wife to except it.

We met the perfect man…

I dated for the first time in years and although I'm not exactly a stud, my wealth did bring some attention from women I only fantasized srories. She leaned over and gave him a short kiss.

The door was open and I hid behind some furniture to catch a preview of what would be on the video. The whole experience was such a thrill and seeing my wife having so much fun was a huge turn on and we most definitely will sec doing it again. I am a successful attorney who has been married to my beautiful wife for thirteen years. Total 0 votes Loading I had asked my wife on a of occasions about her fucking another man but I was rejected each and every time I had asked.

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After I tried for 3 years to talked my wife into being shared I finally made it happen. Watchkng was somewhat surprised when she parked in front of a club more known for year olds. I knew I needed a different approach. Most of which involve me watching them have sex with other men and the intense turn-on it storiee for us both. I enjoyed her company socially but even more so in the bedroom.

Watching rachel

Opening up the closet I found it full of kinky outfits, lingerie, stilettos and thigh high boots. I couldn't take anymore from my hiding place, I already shot my load watching them, so I retreated upstairs.

We Met The Perfect Man… Lucas was perfect for us, he had shown interest in my wife, we both trusted him, he was clean and he was hot. I just sat there watching in amazement at my wife. I knew Rachel had great sexual prowess and skill but the way she hae these two young studs was amazing.

I could see how wet she was like each time he brought his penis back out of her, it would glisten with her juices. My mind and my body were numb but my cock was harder than I can ever remember.

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I found she wasn't very good at cleaning up any evidence. She gently climbed off of xex as his cum dripped down her leg.

I've been going through my journal and sometimes can't believe some of the experiences. He let his head fall back, he was quite clearly in utter heaven, my wife had her eyes squeezed shut as she groaned so loudly. It was if all of it was happening in slow motion. Later when she returned home she came over to me kissed me and rubbed my cock through my pants.

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Finally the two seemed all but spent. We had a guest bedroom in the basement which I never set foot in but one day alone somehow I had an inkling I needed to check it out.

For minutes she had a of young studs try storirs gain her favor. When we went out for dinner or drinks Rachel would never go out unless she looked her best. Both of us are now thirty-five years old. I wasn't even remotely jealous but couldn't wait to watch the video.