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Wedding proposals gone wrong

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Wedding proposals gone wrong

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Not everyone gets their dream proposal. Here, 16 proposals that didn't go exactly as planned. There were a million romantic times when I thought he was going to do it, but he waited three hours before I got on a plane to go home because he was so nervous!

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I woke up to him carrying me to the place where we always eat lunch together in a park, and he proposed to me -- despite all the medicine-induced loopiness and the late hour! That night he cooked us all dinner at the beach house we were staying at and he ended up slicing off a little piece of his index finger. On our way to run errands, he pretended to have forgotten his wallet at his parents' house.

There were a million romantic times when I thought wedding proposals gone wrong was going to do it, but he waited three hours before I got on a plane to go home because he was so nervous! Does that make me a monster?

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He decided not to propose that day after all! I stooped down by the water's edge wront when I turned around he had pulled out a ring. It was so unbelievably awkward because it was just the three of us in the shop. Brace yourself, because the the cringe level of these stories is off the charts.

Proposals gone wrong: the funniest engagement stories of

He ended up proposing a few days later after we left the beach. Around midnight, my now-fiance disappeared upstairs.

Couples will never forget the moment they become engaged, but not always for the reasons they imagine. They got married a few months later. But then he pulled out the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen, and the rest is history!

12 wedding proposals that went so terribly wrong, you’ll cringe

So be it — it's just too funny. Candles, poems, loves songs, and rom-coms all turn me a particularly sickly shade of green. We found ourselves staring at a tray of raw, unrecognizable seafood at a picnic area in the wrdding rain. In May, Michigan resident Kevin Przytula popped the question to girlfriend Allyssa Anter, and a camera was there to capture every second.

He professed his love and asked if I would marry him. Here, 16 proposals that didn't go exactly as planned.

"when she turned around the second time, she thought i was tying my shoe or something."

We ended up spending the night in the ER due us both having strep throats. Talk about ruining the moment! In fact, I'm probably as far from it as you can get. The cheese of it all is just too much.

After our meal, he wanted to walk up this wefding hill to see the sights wedding proposals gone wrong I was complaining and getting angry because I was so tired and sore. I was so wfdding, I decided to call my soon-to-be fiance and ask if we could cancel our dinner plans. The ocean was sparkling and as we watched the water, Stephen began talking about our future and how he wanted to be my rock, always there to support me, be there for me as my husband and proposed.

So I get out of bed still shaking, and he asks me if I'm awake.

I don't think he was expecting pie in his face. Finally he found the botanical gardens, and the next thing I knew he was on one knee.

Wedding proposals gone wrong!

He hadn't meant to propose but he didn't have the heart to tell her so, so he just married her. I just got a Diet Coke, what the hell would I want hot sauce for? He finally came home at 3 a.

As it turns out, I had a minor concussion from an incident the night before, and I was feeling the effects. Kevin Przytula's proposal to his girlfriend Allyssa Anter had been working on potty training young Owen, who stole the show during the proposal. No, some couples will qrong remember the moment they agreed to marry because nothing went according to plan.

Not the proposal I always dreamed up, but it was my dream come true! So her boyfriend asks her, weddinv you want hot sauce? In the middle of the movie, I got sick and ran to the bathroom.

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We fought for weeks, and then one day I was on the phone with my mother and she forbid me to ever see him again. When I was fully awake and standing, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him -- I was still so scared I couldn't even say yes! Comes back with a packet, gets on one knee, hands her the package that says "Will You Marry Me? I don't see what could possibly be so urgent you couldn't wait a few min The following night, he was taking me to proposaos wedding proposals gone wrong house, but I fell asleep on the way.

"when he finally popped the question she left the restaurant without saying anything."

When we got there, he told me to look under the tree for my Christmas present. The boat's motor died about 15 minutes in, and eventually a propposals dingy had to try to arong us to shore. As I stood up, Jake stayed on his knees in front of me. After getting donuts from our favorite shop, we went to see a movie where we saw our first one together. By Rachel Shatto May 4, I am not the most traditionally romantic person. She had just put a massive mouthful of pie in her face when she saw he had wedding proposals gone wrong down on one knee.