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Wifes friend sex stories

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On Category: Couple Tags: big boobschootfingering How many of your have fantasized about fucking your wife's hot friend?

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Let me see it.

I tried to get up quickly but my balance was off. She had cum all over her chest, stomach and pussy.

I sucked as hard as I could as the milk started to flow. Another time she can and sat on my lap and grinded my cock. It would be eaiser to just wait and that way i can be the one to yell at wifex on the way back home. Tammy is no exception.

It was her friend after all. I could see the outline of her labia and smell her musky scent.

I saw her tit with her milk just dripping from her nipple. I told her to turn around. I looked at her and she had a real serious face one. I grabbed her boots and pushed my dick in her pussy.

She did and put both her legs on one side. Get me in trouble. Well usually a few minutes meant half difes hour or so and I didnt wanna just leave otherwise the scene at home would be excrutiatingly painful.

I went to stand up but her foot was by my chair. My type for sure. If she was ok with it so was I. She is the spitting image of Christina Applegate.

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I told her the painting was sold. She came closer and i saw she was wet and shivering. I pushed my dick inside her so hard she moaned loudly. I really should have rang the doorbell but Shelia said you would be in bed by now.

On Category: Couple Tags: lustshaved pussywife's friend Stores took the liberty of removing her blouse and her petticoat and guess what she was in her lingerie and the dim glow of light made her skin shine like gold. I forgot to mention she is a yoga instructor and always wearing stretchy, clingy clothes.

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Enjoying it with every stroke. I moved my mouth back to her right breast and took her swollen nipple into my mouth.

The baby wies done and she handed him to my wife. As i made eye contact, i noticed she saw me checking her out.

Advertisements So one day Tamara is over because I am helping her sell a painting on line. I figured it was the wife so I thought I would greet her with a stiff dick and have a little fun.

Usually there were heaps of cars parked in the driveway. My wife and Tammy are best friends and grew up together in our small town in Alabama. Yes it was behind some yoga pants. Frienr voluptuous is how I would describe her.

Wife's friend

She would hug a little too long. Her milk started to pool on the tip.

She did look delicious. As we kissed aex let her hand fall down to my cock and wrapped her long fingers around the throbbing head. She gripped in her hands as she slowly started to lick around the head.